Our mission is to bring out your most beautiful, youthful, glowing and radiant "you”

During your bridal makeup & hair trial our talented artists will help you to achieve your most desirable bridal look by deciding what colors and style of makeup and hair best suits your face and personality.

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Is there anything that the bride-to-be should bring to the trial?

  • Firstly that their skin be cleansed and make-up free. I can then assess their skin, determine any concerns and apply what's needed whilst giving advice.

  • Secondly, if she has any make-up images that she likes ready for me to see, that's always useful. Whether it be bridal inspirational ones or simply a celebrity that they admire.

  • Thirdly, I like to see as many elements of their wedding as possible, details like the flowers, color scheme, bridesmaids dresses and general personality of the wedding. Once I've had a look at the bride's skin tone, eye color and hair shade, all of this will tie up perfectly into the make-up look we create together.

How long does a trial usually take?

I always ask my clients to allow for us to spend two hours together. Sometimes it's less and sometimes it's more but that's usually the right amount of time for us to thoroughly go through things.

When in the wedding planning process should someone book a wedding make-up trial?

Well this does tend to vary. Recently I've had brides booking me for trials a one year in advance, which is very organised! On average though, I'd say they happen 4 to 6 months ahead of your wedding date.